Mental Health Support

DUYA’s staff and volunteers ensure that students with social- emotional- learning needs feel supported and accepted by their peers. We provide resources and support that encourage effective learning. All social- emotional supports listed below are free of service to our students and will be discussed during the enrollment process. To enroll in case management or counseling support please complete a student application.


Intake Assessments survey the students’ needs and allow our counselors to understand the student.

Case Management provides relative services that parents can use as resources to receive more information about new services in the community.

Individual Counseling allows our counselors to build strong relationships with students where they feel confident with interacting with other students in and out of the classroom.

Life & Social Skills groups provide our students a safe space to gain tools that will help them deal with the challenges of life and equip them with the skills we use everyday to interact and communicate with others.

Family Support & Psycho-education provides our families better understanding of their child’s mental health conditions and is incorporated in our counseling sessions.

Flexible Schedules give parents the time to see the growth in their child’s performance and offer them the support they need.

Alternative Memberships ensure that each parent can enroll their child into the services that work best for their child.

DUYA provides wellness and trauma-informed workshops for students, parents, and professionals. All workshops can be tailored or altered to one day, two days, or even a series depending on your agency’s need. The fees appraised for this service are based on our “agency need’s assessment” to identify what works best for your population. If interested, please call (323) 306-2928 to learn more about the program.

All workshops include individual assessments, personalized projects, and a take-home resource kit. Participants will engage in open discussions, case study exercises, role play, and walking away with tools to empower healthier environments and individuals. The number of participants can range from 25 to 100 people in total. See our workshop descriptions below:

Emotional Intelligence Workshops: Emotional Intelligence is the key to having a positive impact on your team and organization. It is foundational to developing people, teams, and cultures that can adapt and engage, no matter what challenges are encountered. In today’s rapidly changing world, organizations need to develop leadership competencies that enable their leaders to proactively respond rather than react and demonstrate the empathy and care for their people that is more essential than ever. This will ensure the organization has the trust, communication, and engagement that will allow people to perform at their best, in any circumstance.

Self- Care Workshops: It’s about connecting with family, friends, and yourself in a way that supports the things you value in life. This workshop will focus on identifying the things that are important to you about self-care and learning how to create self-care goals to put into action. Engaging in a self-care routine has been clinically proven to reduce or eliminate anxiety and depression, reduce stress, improve concentration, minimize frustration and anger, increase happiness, improve energy, and more.

Trauma- informed workshops & Social Justice Workshop: Trauma informed care and social justice workshops are essential to providing effective support and building sustainable communities for everyday people to engage. This workshop will explore your understanding of trauma-informed care and how to implement healing and restoration practices through a social justice lense. The guiding principles of our work will increase your understanding on how to create a therapeutic environment that promotes safety, inclusion, culturally sensitive empowerment, resiliency, and collaboration for all parts of an organization. 

Girl Get Over Yourself Retreat: (in-person service only) The “Girl get over yourself Retreat” is for the everyday girl or woman seeking reflection, relief, and a reset in their lives. This empowerment workshop focuses on redefining and rebuilding the new version of yourself. We deep dive into discussions around self-esteem, self-confidence, self-love, and self-care. We reconstruct the stigmas and expectations society has placed on us to cultivate women who define who they are. This workshop is exclusively for girls and women only