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About Dynasty’s United Youth Association

Dynasty’s United Youth Association also known as DUYA is a 501 c3 community based non- profit organization that operates in the greater Los Angeles community in SPA 6 region under District 8 & 9 serving youth ages 5-18. The organization was founded by Dynasty Taylor a locally known African American Social worker who grew up in the harsh realities of South LA in a neighborhood called, “The Jungles”. In 2014, Dynasty’s United Youth Association partnered with the Los Angeles Public Library (LAPL) to provide free tutoring, homework assistance, college and career advisement, peer mentoring, mental health counseling all year around at five library locations and one recreation center.

Over the past 5 years DUYA has proudly served over 500 students, recruited over 50 volunteers, and has established relationships and partnerships in communities who are vested in their students and families. DUYA provides local Los Angeles residents access to educational and career programs, job training skills and internships to local high school and graduate students, expanded mental health support to address the student’s emotional and social needs, and sent at least 80% of their high school students to college through college advisement programs.

In the next three to five years, DUYA’s ultimate goal is to be present at additional library locations, parks and recreations centers, juvenile detention centers, and/ hopefully a mobile unit that operates in the community.

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