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DU-YA want to make a Difference?

Dynasty’s United Youth Association is very appreciative of individuals and donors who have a specific interest in our organization. According to our data and program analysis, 95% of children and families come from the underprivileged side of the equation where they may be growing up in a neighborhood surrounded by gang violence, poverty, substance abuse, teen pregnancy, governmental assistance, and countless young peers wandering aimlessly due to lack of parental guidance and support, and a lack of resources within the community. D.U.Y.A. is destined to help the youth at risk and help bring their dreams to a reality!

There are three ways you can help support our organization {specifics below}:

(1.) donate any dollar amount of your choice
(2.) donate school new/ used school supplies
(3.) donate any amount of recycled items such
as cans, bottles, tv, and/or computer monitors.


We would like to say thank you in advance!

School Supplies

It is important for our youth to have the necessary tools to become a better achiever and a better learner through out there academic years. For families struggling financially there may be difficult to afford the necessary supplies. Dynasty’s United Youth Association wants to surround our youth with valuable books, convenient supplies, and materials necessary to focus on the students learning. We accept supplies for all ages K- 12th, new and used items, preferably brand new if possible.

  • lined paper

  • backpacks

  • pens and pencils (black/blue ink)

  • graphing paper

  • composition books

  • index cards

  • rulers with metric measurements in English

  • scotch tape

  • scissors

  • water paints

  • crayons

  • color pencils

  • color markers

  • erasers

  • calculators

  • highlighters

  • paperclips

  • binders

  • report covers

  • staples and a stapler

  • construction paper

  • glue sticks

  • markers

  • tape

  • art supplies

  • books (used/brand new) (text books, coloring books, learning books)

Instructions: If you would like to donate school supplies you can drop them off at any one of the 5 operating libraries where our program is held 


D.U.Y.A believes in keeping our environment safe and clean by collecting recycled items. Recycling can benefit your community by helping sustain the environment for future generations. These recycled items will be used to pay for school supplies, awards, back packs, recreational activities, and student field trips.

Recycled items include: aluminum cans, plastic cans, aluminum bottles, plastic bottles, and paper

If you will like to donate recycled items please provide your contact information below so that we can contact you and make an available appointment for pick up.

Send us an email