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Our Mission and Core Values

Dynasty’s United Youth Association’s mission is to ensure that all children and youth have access to quality programs that promote character and cultural competence. We continuously strive to enter the most vulnerable and neglected neighborhoods where the academic, emotional, health, and social needs are not being met and build a bridge of resources that helps students leverage their strengths and find a sense of true purpose that brings meaning to their lives.

Our strategic and innovative model helps students achieve and break the cycle of poverty by providing wrap-around programming in a safe, structured environment that includes daily study halls, mentoring, push-in academic support and tutoring, admissions family counseling, leadership workshops, service-learning, community service projects, career exploration, college trips, and character-building with peers. We also like to expose our students to other workshops such as natural resources exploration, global warming, environmental preservation, and STEAM/STEM career pathways.

To accomplish our mission, we partner with other local non- profits such as the Los Angeles Public library and Los Angeles County Parks and Recreations to strengthen the resources in the community through the implementation of daily programming and project based learning. We have an open-door policy here at Dynasty’s United Youth Association where we welcome youth and children from all races, genders, and ethnicities.

Dynasty’s United Youth association core values:

  • We believe that every student has something to contribute
  • We believe in putting the needs of our students before our own
  • We believe that team work and community support demands stronger relationships and respect
  • We believe in having a vision that inspires and motivates others
  • We believe in providing a wide range of services to help our youth succeed
  • We believe that parent engagement is a critical component to students success
  • We are passionate about empowering the lives of our community youth

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