Mission and Core Values

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Our Mission and Core Values

DUYA’s mission is to empower youth to thrive and break the cycle of poverty through education, mental health, and transformative programs. Our vision is to create a future where youth have the opportunity and support they need to overcome adversity, unlock their full potential, and become self-sufficient, socially responsible leaders in their communities.

To accomplish our mission, we partner with other local non-profits, recreation parks, detention centers, libraries, and schools to strengthen the resources in our community. We have an open-door policy here at DUYA, where we welcome youth and children from all races, genders, and ethnicities.

Dynasty’s United Youth association core values:

  • We believe that every student has something to contribute
  • We believe in putting the needs of our students before our own
  • We believe that team work and community support demands stronger relationships and respect
  • We believe in having a vision that inspires and motivates others
  • We believe in providing a wide range of services to help our youth succeed
  • We believe that parent engagement is a critical component to students success
  • We are passionate about empowering the lives of our community youth