Tutoring/Homework Assistance

We offer tutoring in all subjects including English, Math, Science and History. Other subjects include, but not limited to reading comprehension, language arts, Algebra 1&2, and Chemistry. We also offer more individual one-on-one support where fees do apply.
Elementary Students: Kindergarten- 5th grade

Math (Basic Math & Arithmetic) 

English (Phonics and Reading Comprehension) 

Language Arts (Writing) 

Academic Coaching 

Test Prep 

Middle School: 6th- 8th grade

Math (Pre- Algebra, Algebra 1) 


Language Arts 

History (Geography, Modern & Ancient, World History) 

Science (Fundamentals of Science, Earth Science 

Academic Coaching 

Test Prep

High School students: 9th - 12th grade

Math (Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Pre- Cal, Statistic) 

English (Phonics and Reading Comprehension) 

Language Arts (Writing, Essay Writing, etc.) 

History (World History, U.S History, Gov, Econ) 

Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) 

Academic Coaching 

Test Prep

College students: undergraduate students 18+

Math (Basic Math, Intermediate Algebra, Geometry, Pre- cal, Statistics) 


Science (Physics, Anatomy)

Socio-emotional Support: K-12th

Counseling (one- on- one) 

Peer mentoring conversation (Emotional and Motivational behaviors)

College and Career Support: 9th- 12th

Resume and Cover letter support (assisting with writing an essay) 

Career Exploration (career assessment, researching majors, identifying career options)

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