Peer Mentoring

Peer mentoring is a form of support that we use to help motivate and encourage our students to fight through adversity. The reason why we consider peer mentoring to be effective is because the students tend to feel more comfortable communicating with a close peer when it comes to sensitive topics in their personal lives. Our intern’s life and college experiences could potentially be helpful in supporting at risk- youth in changing their perceptions and behavior. Students tend to go through different stages where they may feel down or need attention in specific areas in their life. Dynasty’s United Youth association is aware of certain barriers that students face in the most peer pressure moments of the students teenage years. Students could potentially face self- identity issues, emotional barriers, motivational barriers, and learning disabilities. Listed below are a few examples of difficulties that could be found in the specific bracket of these potential barriers:

Emotional barriers: fear, shame, emotional sensitivity, adjusting to change

Motivational barriers: lack of goals, procrastination, improperly arranged learning environment

Learning disabilities: difficulty during school work at their age level, difficulty getting along with teachers and other students behavioral problems/patterns, depression, becoming sick due to personal or school problems

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