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DUYA’s College & Career Services Program’s mission is to support underserved youth who are second semester 8th through 12th grade, in making informed decisions regarding opportunities to pursue and achieve a postsecondary education. Students will be encouraged to explore various avenues in which they can create and achieve educational and career goals. This program provides long term and individualized support in major areas where students may otherwise not be receiving information, education, or guidance.

High School Graduation: Students will be sure that they are on the path to graduation. California Education Code has a minimum set of requirements for all California High School Students that must be completed prior to receiving a diploma. In addition, some students may need to take content specific courses, depending upon their postsecondary educational goals.

College and Career Counseling: Students will be supported in creating postsecondary education and career plans. Students will be encouraged to consider college, vocational schools, or certification programs to help them successfully secure a long term career.

Applying & Admissions: Students will have their applications reviewed and be provided feedback, prior to submission. This includes application, transcripts, personal statement and help seeking recommendation letters. Students will receive support throughout the entire process including acceptance and enrollment.

Financial Aid: Students will receive education on how to complete a FAFSA application and how to receive application waivers (for applicable schools). They will also learn about different forms of financial aid including scholarships, grants, work-study, exception funding, etc.

One-on-One Assistance: All program participants are welcomed and encouraged to schedule one-on-one meetings with the advisor. This can be to address any of the above services or related topics. This helps to better design an individual and personalized plan to success for students. By working together, students and the advisor can make decisions that best fit the individual.

Support & Education for Parents/Guardians: Parents and guardians are welcomed and encouraged to attend any one-on-one meetings that their child schedules. They also have access to receive any of the above services on behalf of their child.