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DUYA’s Virtual Accelerated Learning program (DVAL) is the COVID-19 initiative that addresses the academics and socio-emotional needs of students who have been impacted by school closures. The program provides free tutoring, counseling, resume, and cover letter support for all grade levels, including undergraduates in college. Students can receive one session per week for up to 60 minutes up until the ending of the school closure. We provide further accommodations and modifications for students who have learning disabilities and or in jeopardy of failing or falling behind grade level.

Hours of operations:
Monday – Friday: 12 pm – 8 pm
Closed Saturday – Sunday

Services provided:

Elementary: K-5th

Math (Basic Math & Arithmetic) 

English (Phonics and Reading Comprehension) 

Language Arts (Writing) 

Academic Coaching 

Test Prep 

Middle School: 6th-8th

Math (Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1) 


Language Arts 

History (Geography, Modern & Ancient, World History) 

Science (Fundamentals of Science, Earth Science)

Academic Coaching 

Test Prep

High School: 9th -12th

Math (Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Pre-Calc, Statistics)

English (Phonics and Reading Comprehension) 

Language Arts (Writing, Essay Writing, etc.) 

History (World History, U.S History, Gov, Econ) 

Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) 

Academic Coaching 

Test Prep

College: Undergraduate 18+

Math (Basic Math, Intermediate Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calc, Statistics) 


Science (Physics, Anatomy)

Socio-emotional Support: K-12th

Counseling (one-on-one) 

Peer mentoring conversation (Emotional and Motivational behaviors)

College and Career Support: 9th-12th

Resume and Cover letter support (assisting with writing an essay) 

Career Exploration (career assessment, researching majors, identifying career options)

Homework Club Fees:

Green Package: FREE (COVID-19 Initiative)

One-on-one tutoring 

1 tutoring session per week 

60 minutes per hour 

Scheduled sessions

Yellow Package: 125.00 per month (Supplemental support)

One-on- one tutoring 

2 tutoring sessions per week 

60 minutes per hour 

Scheduled sessions

Orange Package: 200.00 per month (Supplemental support)

One- on- one tutoring 

3 tutoring sessions per week 

60 minutes per hour 

Scheduled sessions

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