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DUYA wants to show some love to our DUYA families! So, as of Fall 2022, DUYA will be launching our first loyalty program: Dynasty’s United Loyalty Program. A loyalty program offers rewards and specials incentives as a way to attract and retain customers. Parents will essentially earn points based on attendance and donations. These points will be redeemable for varying rewards at the end of each quarter.

Eligibility: All parents that are enrolled in DUYA’s Hybrid Learning Model. This includes online and in-person enrollment. In addition, families referred to DUYA and actively enrolling are also eligible. 

Points System: Points are administered based on attendance and donations given. Points will be given for attending DUYA events and PTA meetings, referrals, and donations in the form of food, office supplies, or the current needs of the center. If you are interested in donating, please call the center at (323) 306-2928 and ask one of the Youth Program Assistants (YPAs). Parents will have the opportunity to earn up to 300 points each quarter! All points not used will reset on December 31 of each year.

5 Points
  • Each PTA Meeting
  • Donations (Monetary donation)
10 Points
  • Each DUYA event
  • Donations (Office Supplies)
15 Points
  • Families who refer other families (15 points per family referred)
  • Donations (Snacks)

Reward System: Rewards will be based on the amount of points parents have earned within the quarter. Rewards are split into 3 levels: 100 points, 200 points, and 300 points. Once you reach 100 points, you will qualify for rewards.

100 Points
  • $5-10 gift cards
  • 1 free (child) ticket to next event 
  • Surprise Gift basket
    • Self-care or holiday-themed
200 Points
  • Surprise Gift Basket that includes one gift card of $10 or more 
  • Extra 30 minutes for one counseling session
  • 1 free homework lab day per week for one month (4 for the month) 
    • Only redeemable once every 3 months
300 Points
  • $20+ Gift Card 
  • 1 free private tutoring session (60-minute session) 
    • Only redeemable once every 6 months

Reward Dispursement: Rewards will be administered at the end of each quarter. The quarter dates for 2022 are listed below. Parents will be contacted on the quarter date with their point amount and the rewards available for their points. For December 31, the rewards will be distributed when DUYA resumes session in January (TBD).

Q1: March 31

Q2: June 30

Q3: September 30

Q4: December 31

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: If I have 100 points at the end of Quarter 4, December 31, can they roll over to the next year?

A: Your points will not roll over to the next year. Points reset at 0 on December 31 if they are not used.

Q: If I have 100 points by Quarter 2, will they roll over to Quarter 3?

A: Yes! Points can roll over to the next quarter. If you have not spent all your points in one quarter you can add them to the points earned in the next quarter.

Q: Would I receive points per family I refer?

A: Yes. Points are totaled monthly. So, if a parent refers up to 3 families that continue with enrollment, they will receive 45 points for one month. 

Q: Can I make multiple donations throughout the month?

A: Of course! We would add those to your total!