Sachiko Kambe

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Sachiko is responsible for the overall image of DUYA and adapting a brand strategy for our target market, including the setting of style guides, brand guidelines, brand vision, partnerships, and value proposition for the short and long term. Sachi works alongside the board, where she attends regular board meetings to stay abreast of the organization’s deliverables and concerns.

A marketing executive with 20+ years of experience working in the motion picture industry. Results-driven problem solver with a big picture approach. Strength in collaborating with global brands as well as across divisions internally and with sister companies. Extensive experience working on massive IPs such as Spider-Man, Bond/007, Ghostbusters, and Jumanji. Depth of knowledge in Branding, Marketing Strategy, Partnerships, Creative Development, Licensing, Product Placement, Program Execution, Event Management, and Organizational Leadership.