Clark Thomas

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Clark is responsible for the hosting of all social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. He works alongside the board and other committee members with fundraising projects and events. Clark attends regular board meetings to stay abreast of the organization’s deliverables and concerns.

My name is Clark P. Thomas, I am 23 years old, and I am an LA native. I have lived in LA my whole life up until the point where I moved to San Diego, so that I may attend San Diego State University in 2019. I am still currently a student there, except now I am a senior. My major is Psychology with an emphasis in social and behavioral studies. I enjoy being an advocate in my community because it offers me the chance to learn about my surrounding communities’ issues and do my best to give aid to those organizations that supply solutions directed towards those issues. I always believe that people should be put first because we are all the engine that makes this system that we abide by the move in a prosperous direction. After I finish school, I am going to strive towards achieving my Masters’s degree in Psychology while also making efforts to obtain my real estate license that will hopefully jump start my career as a realtor. I have a lot of goals that I set out to do, however advocating will always be my main focus, and I will continue to do that for years down the road.

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