Ana Huerta

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Ana Huerta is the Youth Representative of the Outreach Committee. She is one of the first members of our outreach committee since its launch. Ana’s role is to help recruit volunteers, identify resources to support students and families, and assist with fundraiser planning. She works alongside the board where she attends regular board meetings to stay abreast of the organization’s deliverables and concerns. Ana received a B.S. in International Business and Marketing Management. Her background entails marketing coordinator, research assistant, and marketing research assistance.

Biography – My name is Ana Huerta, and I recently started volunteering as part of DUYA’s Outreach Committee. I’m a Cal Poly Pomona graduate currently working in the entertainment industry. One of the things I’m passionate about is helping kids meet their goals and succeed academically. I have experience as a volunteer tutor working with kids K-12, and I have also worked as a resident advisor mentoring college students. I’m excited to be partnering with DUYA in providing access to quality tutoring and mental wellness programs to students in L.A.